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August 31, 2008

We completely geek out on (old) Doctor Who

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Sigh. I know that this will be of interest to approximately 3 of you out there, but i just can’t help it.

In Pittsburgh, on WQED the PBS broadcasting station, they used to play all those geeky british programs like Monty Python, Blake’s 7 (loved that show) and of course, Dr. Who.

So the other night, when i ran acorss this spoof of Doctor Who, featuring none other than Rowan Atkinson (who is the living definition of moral dilemma. On one hand, he should be shot before he can make any more bloody Mr. Bean crap, on the other hand, The Black Adder pretty much gives him a pass for life.).

This spoof is obviously a bit old. And of course it helps if you’ve seen those old British campy sci-fi shows, which though truly, truly campy, also and rather brilliant and very smart plot and sci-fi elements along with the silliness. Which this spoof just NAILS. (terrible sets, running down the same corridor several times, time travel contrivances, wonderfully campy villians)

So, dork out time. I present here the first 2 bits of a 4 bit Dr. Who spoof. (i thought the first half was good enough. You can easliy find the last 2 on you tube. The last 2 are a bit more steeped in Dr. Who canon.

So, Dr. Who, The Curse Of Fatal Death, Pts. 1 & 2

and you KNOW this MUST be posted in response:


August 30, 2008


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This needs no introduction.

August 29, 2008

Mcdonalds Boycott

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So, the American Family Association, who has previously boycotted Wal Mart for selling DVDs of Brokeback Mountain, has issued a call for a boycott of McDonalds for their promotion of the homosexual agenda, in particular, on of their VPs has decided to serve on the Board of Directors of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

What a dilemma!  I hate McDonalds and am ALL for boycotting them, but alas, for such completely different reasons. (They have also boycotted Disney for providing health insurance to the partners of gay employees. For providing health insurance. Just like Jesus would…. )

“Now hold up there you little lib’ral pissant, Jesus healed the wretched of society but he dint heal no GAY wretched of society”

So, i can only offer this in support of the AFA:

and lastly:

Legend of Neil: Episode 3

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I just HAVE to post this. This is the best new video series on the net at the moment. Episode 3 is my favorite, but they’re all good (in a slightly lowbrow geek humor kind of way).

If you’ve ever played Legend Of Zelda and totally dorked out to it, this is for you (Proabably NSFW):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Legend of Neil: Episode 3“, posted with vodpod

Drinking Age 18

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So apparently, from reading Google news, I’ve gathered there’s a big hoopla over the idea put forth by the Deans from a whole slew of colleges of lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18.

And of course there is a bit of a backlash.

Since I’m about to have a child myself, Maja and I have discussed this kind of thing.

I would very much like to hear from my American friends their thoughts on this.

I believe that for all of my European friends this is a complete non-issue, as they were all allowed to drink legally at 18. (at least) Hence, at the end of the day, what interests me the most about this is the fact that it’s a cultural signifier.

For the record my stance under 21 drinking is very simple:

1. I don’t know a single person who wasn’t able to drink quite healthily before 21. I did it, almost everyone I know did it. The only kids I know who didn’t were personally uninterested and wouldn’t have regardless of age or peer pressure.

2. I am not imposing any stupid drinking limit on my child. Yes, if he is 15 and wants a beer with dinner he is welcome to have one.

This last bit will be shocking to some. However, i’ve seen this work quite well and i don’t believe in setting up a lust for the forbidden.

“Well, well, you just wait, your liberal attitude will produce a drug snorting wild children who doesn’t know boundaries!” (I especially throw in the boundary part for my wife, who absolutely can’t stand that particular term. I of all people have brought that word up in conversations and have discovered I cannot use that term to get my point across.)

Not that we’ll be in Serbia when my boy is 15, but here of course that isn’t a liberal attitude, it’s just how it’s done. There is no drinking age limit. and for all I know kids are somewhere hanging out getting smashed, but I don’t see them. I can see them hanging out with beers, but I don’t actually see them smashed. I’m SURE it’s happening just it went on when i was in high school.

There was a giant 5 days Beerfest here in Belgrade 2 weekends ago. Just down the road from us. Here’s an aerial view:

Belgrade Beerfest

Belgrade Beerfest

It was in a giant park by the river. The northern section was an amusement park, with all sorts of rides, and the southern section which is what you see in the pictures, is a giant field circled by stands of various brewers. at the southern most point is a giant stage where all sorts of bands play. It was funny, we’d be at some table, chatting and drinking (Maja even came!) and a band would be playing and all of a sudden every person around us would suddenly break out singing for some chorus and then as suddenly as it happened, go right back to conversation on a dime.

And in all of this, other then Guinness, which even then wasn’t quite the same, there was No Decent Beer in whole damn thing. Me and Eastern European beer are just going to have to live begrudgingly with one another.

It was huge and everyone was there, including tons of teenagers, many crowded into the stage area dancing to the bands, and others sitting in teenage packs on the ground in the more spacious parts of the park. They had cups of beer just like everyone else.

And yet, none were noticeably drunk, they were all actually quite mellow. None were gulping down beer in that voracious frenzy teenagers used to when I was in high school and they could get ahold of it. (I tried my first beer bong sometime probably in my sophomore or junior year, and puked it right back up exactly 45 seconds after it. Beer bongs… ugh. What in idiotic idea.)

Picture the vision you have of a bunch of high schoolers suddenly given all the beer they could ever want, (BRO!!!! PARTY TIME!!!!) and this would be the opposite of that picture.

I’m not saying there’s not alcohol problems among youth here. But most of the people i know who are my age drank beer when they were younger at the dinner table with their family, and never had the lustful, fraternity party-like relationship with alcohol that American youth have. There are high school parties that got crazy, no doubt, youth will ALWAYS have high school parties that go out of control (Boy you should see some of the discussions Maja and I have over that one… a bunch of 16 year olds want to rage in a house party while their parents are out of town, better NOT be MY house. Maja feels it’s important that they simply put everything back the way they found it. We must have gone to very different teenage parties)

So, to sum up, i’ve personally noticed here that teenagers have a much, MUCH more mellow attitude towards alcohol, the friends i have here agree and never had a college-like lustful raging wildness with it. I don’t wish to produce a child who will overindulge and this is a concern. I have a certain side… and i’ve seen some s** go down… but ANY TIME i have seen an attempt to curtail behavior by forbidding it, it simply produces more desire to do it, and the secret doing of it which then produced pathology.

So no, no drinking age.

But can America do it? I doubt it. America produces lust for consumption in everything. That is a fundamental quality of America. There is no one in the entire world who misses that one of the defining traits of America is producing a Lust For Consumption.

And our children reflect this. Can 18 year drink legally and end up being more responsible because of it? I don’t know, but it’s sure not working now.

August 28, 2008

Time For Some Campaignin’

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“Dear Paul,

You’re killing me here with the long winded religion lectures. I think H.P. Lovecraft has a more accurate worldview. Why don’t you do a post on something more fun and less tiring. Like politics!


Heathen Blog Reader”

“Dear Heathen Blog Reader,

When asked what my favorite thing about living overseas is, I have to usually answer, it’s not being caught in the middle of the American Media shit storm. Do you how often I have to watch a piece on TV analyzing and spinning the latest belch from one of the candidates? Never! I read Google news when I feel like it, and go about my day.

Oh sure, they have media storms here, too. Trust me, when they arrested Karadzic there may have been just a segment or 2 devoted to it. But i don’t have to listen to it, because i don’t understand it!! The media can happily spray forth a never ending torrent of swill, and it’s all blah-blah-blahbity-blah to me.

Heaven. It’s heaven.

So yes, let’s do some politickin’

You may have already seen this, but it’s total awesomey goodness.




Orthodox Christianity

So out here in the Wild East, Orthodox Christianity is by far the largest and most dominant religion, and since I find it rather interesting since it seems significantly different in many respects from the forms I knew back in the states, I thought I’d give a little rundown of it for anyone who’s interested in these kind of things. (and subsequently drive away all my blog followers)

I’ve been to Catholic masses many times with ex-girlfriends, since before Maja I seemed to favor, by far, catholic girls. Actually, every serious girlfriend I’ve had before Maja has been Catholic. No idea why… been to Lutheran, which were…okay, but a bit sterile. Been to Baptist since my now long deceased father had a bit of a binge/purge cycle with his homosexuality, and service-wise, baptists by FAR throw the most entertaining shindig. Never made it to a Pentecostal service, but i hear they can throw down too. Unfortunately, while having very entertaining services (as as someone raised Jewish and thus subjected to services that last for HOURS in aNOTHER language i didn’t understand, i was very, very appreciative of some shaking and shouting) the more charismatic forms of American Christianity coalesce into the general American evangelical movement, of which I am at some fundamental odds with. (although I love Michael Spencer, Internet Monk and mean to write him a big long e-mail one of these days)

So, Orthodox Christianity.

It’s certainly flourishing in these parts since the fall of communism and socialism, and can often be, to it’s detriment, identified with a very nationalistic pride. I went to church at midnight one Serbian Christmas eve, and it was the wildest outdoor party i’ve ever seen. And by outdoor, i mean directly outside the church, extending for blocks, was droves of people, many of the younger ones drinking beer, stereos blasting music, totally partying down, while others lined to get into the church to light candles and take communion.

I expressed a bit of shock to my wife’s brother since back in the State, X-Mas eve midnight services are really, REALLY mellow. They’re all gentle and hushed and reverent, and this… I’ve seen New Years celebrations, on the streets of New York no less, that were lamer and tamer.

He explained that amongst the actual religious, there are many, not obviously deeply religious, who turn out for the celebration out of national pride since they see the Serbian Church as part of a Serbian national heritage first and foremost.

But of course, this isn’t what Orthodoxy is actually about.

Orthodoxy is hands down the oldest form of Christianity and unlike Catholicism, remains virtually unchanged from how it was 2,000 years ago. Catholicism has changed a great deal over the centuries, but Orthodoxy not so.

As most know, way back in the beginning of Christianity there was no difference between Orthodoxy and Catholicism. There WERE of course, and have ALWAYS been many diverse forms of Christianity, but after the 4th century (post Nicaean council) Gnosticism and Arianism and Marcionism etc. were declining rapidly and Orthodox/Catholicism was now the dominant form of Christianity.

The split occurred technically in 1054 when the Pope sent 2 Cardinals to a church in Constantinople just as the service there was beginning. They walked in, placed a Bull of Excommunication on the altar, turned around and walked out. Of course the split had been happening for centuries, and was not just theological (the Pope’s claims of supremacy and the Filoque) but also significantly cultural.

In Orthodoxy, each large region has a Patriarch, one in Constantinople (and despite it’s LONG ago having been conquered by the Turks he’s still there) one in Russia, one in Serbia, one in Bulgaria, etc, and one in Rome, the Pope. All decision about doctrine and ritual must be decided by ALL of them, unanimously. They all have equal say. So, of course, the Pope eventual dominance and claims of absolute authority was a major problem.

Because it take a unanimous council to decide anything, there have been very few changes in both theology and ritual throughout the centuries. When you step into a mass here, it’s happening the exact way it was observed back in 700. (And in many cases, in a church or monastery that dates back many, many centuries.)

After the fall of Constantinople, the Russian Orthodox Church emerged as one of the largest and strongest Patriarchs, but all but crumbled in the 20th century. More Christians were killed and tortured here in Eastern Europe for not renouncing their faith, then in the entire first 3 centuries of Christian persecution combined. (FAR more, actually. The estimated numbers are insane.) However, Orthodoxy is definitely experiencing a resurgence in these parts.

There are many, many, many monasteries here, and unlike in Catholicism, there aren’t different “orders” of monks. You’re a monk and that’s that. Orthodoxy has a long history of monks who take there vows to renounce all worldly passions, and then get down to the serious business of Heschia, but I’ll get to that in a second. There are rarely any commands given to monks. They are not told what to do. They often simply try to follow what the older, more advanced fathers are doing, and ask any questions they have. (communication between the younger monks and their fathers is absolutely key)

Monasteries are seen as the backbone of Orthodoxy. They are individually usually quite small and only a handful of monks live there. The number of them is huge and this ratio is seen as beneficial.

I’ve been to dozens of monasteries (I love them) . One of the most distinct differences between Orthodoxy and all other Western forms is Icons and the imagery inside the churches. This is what Orthodox churches look like:

Serbian monastery

Serbian monastery

They are all covered, head to foot, every inch, in colorful, even slightly cartoon-like pictures. Which types of pictures go where, content, everything has a very specific order. There are many scenes from the New Testament as well as pictures of disciples, Orthodox Fathers, Saints, etc. My synagogue where I went as a child had lots of large stain glass windows that achieved a similar effect.

One of the purposes of this was to make the Mass as sensory filled as possible. The service is sung for the ears, frankincense is burnt for the nose (and the Orthodox LOVE their frankincense), and the images serve as Gospel for the eyes. Add to that a double purpose of getting the Gospel and it’s major players across to a largely illiterate population back in the day.

In many ways there are similarities between synagogue services and Orthodox services, they’re both really long (Easter service, if you do it properly, begins at midnight Sat night, and ends at dawn), and they’re in a completely different language (even for Serbians by the way. Orthodox services are in whatever native tongue the country they’re in speaks, but Serbian Orthodox, in keeping to the Old Ways, still uses ancient Serbian, which no one can actually understand).

But here’s a big difference, and here’s the magic extra that will make all my atheist friends out there drop what they’re doing and run to their nearest Orthodox Church and sign on up (Calvinists, it’s not too late for you, either): There are NO seats. You do NOT sit down during the (incredibly long) services.

That’s right. American Christians, you are wimps. Jews, wimps. Mormons, Buddhists, sorry, but the wimp factor is in effect. (Scientologists, you are being terribly manipulated by a very greedy, dishonest, and hurtful organization, and you need to get out.) Orthodox are hard core. They stand throughout the whole thing. I’ve seen little old ladies outlast my sorry behind, standing quietly and reverently while I’m dying and choking back sobs.

The idea is that you should feel in the presence of God, and one would naturally want to stand in this situation.

For those of you are actually still with me (i’m drinking coffee, i can only assume you must be too) I want to wrap this up with a little bit of theology, since there are some key bits of Orthodox spirituality and even mysticism that I find particularly intriguing.

As i said, monasteries are the heart of Orthodoxy, and within them, there is a type of prayer called Heschia. This is when you essentially sit or stand and pray silently to yourself, attempting to form the words of one specific prayer, The Jesus Prayer, in your heart. (New Agey folks: right where your Heart Chakra is, actually) They believe that this point in your heart area is where Divinity is able to enter the human body.

You pray this way for YEARS. In addition, or even through this, you are attempting to clean yourself. Clean yourself of worldly desires, of course, but also of your issues, and all the pathologies you as a person are carrying around. (one can draw a lot of parallels with Buddhism in this respect) The more you’re able to clean yourself, the more the Holy spirit is able to merge with you.

And steady practice of the Jesus Prayer has a very specific outcome for which you are attempting. There is a phenomenon all these monk and fathers (and lay people too) discuss as happening. Eventually, as you purify and pray, you achieve a state where they believe you change internally, the Holy Spirit fills you and you and It actually merge and transform into a new, enlightened, Christ-like being.

There are many Saint and Fathers who discuss this in great detail, and the greatest literary achievement of Orthodoxy, on par with any literary achievement of any other religion, is the Philokalia. In English it’s collected into 5 volumes, but it’s writings by Heschia practicing monks (some having acheived this state, some further advanced writing to fellow monks further behind) from the 4th century to the 18th.

So there you have it. A long winded discussion of Orthodox Christianity in as much of a nutshell as I could manage. If I have misrepresented anything, i apologize, but to my little Western mind, this is what it seems.


August 27, 2008

H.P. Lovecraft, a musical ghost story

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I know that Matthew of The Matthew Show will recognize this, and i thank him profusely for his work on the original version of this.

Audio: Marionettes Of Bone (stream)  or   Download It

For your listening pleasure, I submit to you one of my new tracks. I’m doing a lot of work on various fronts these days, but one of the projects i’ll be completing in the upcoming months will be an album of nothing but stories.

As some of you know, my work has for a long time now contained sotrytelling elements. Obviously the album Mala Sirena is an album length musical story (tells the original version of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid), but on every album there is usually a track dedicated to simply telling a story set to music. (‘Cain’ of off Anamnesis is my personal favorite)

Occasionally i get together with some friends here to do a “Cineclub”, where we essentially all get together to watch a good movie. during on of these i watched the AMAZING french short film La Jetee by Chris Marker. This is the original film that the movie 12 monkeys was based off of. It’s told through stills, voice over and creepy music, and it’s phenomenal. It’s 26 minutes long and if you want, you can watch it here:

La Jetee

Begin drivel bit:

The movie COULD, however simply be listened to as an audio piece, and thus i decided to make an album of nothing  but stories. At the moment i believe the album will only be 4 tracks, as 2 of the track are very, very long. I’ve completed 3 of them, and the 4th… well, after watching Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (genius, find it here: . If you’re in europe, than you can’t watch it on the site and must download it from the itunes link provided there. Well worth it.) i decided to make a more humorous piece that i came up with years ago as a joke, Yog Sothoth: The Musical (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Cthulu). That Cthulu part was added for name recognition, as Yog Sothoth alone isn’t as recognizable, and this track is meant for free circulation across the web. (admittedly by the rather dorkish contingent. On the oter hand, the very album itself is certainly not the kind of thing that is going to make me rich and famous anyway, so what the heck.)

I’m a bit stuck on the end bit of the story. Anyone who wants to help, e-mail me.

End drivel bit.

Which has nothing to do with my point, but as writing this is one of the high points of my otherwise COMPLETELY boring and uneventful day laying here on the couch AGAIN, i’m in no hurry to get to any point.

Here’s one of the tracks, one of the short ones, also, and coincidentally ALSO based on Lovecraft. (The Strange Case Of Charles Dexter Ward) I’m a fan of Lovecraft, it’s true, but not fanboy level. It just sort of happened this way.

Anyway, enjoy.

Stay At Home Dad

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Dedicated to stay at home dads everywhere (not that i will necessarily be one, although so far i’m doing a pretty good job of working from home):

Matthew, this one’s for you. In honor of the “old days”.

August 26, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham or I am slowly going completely insane

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Day 3 of not being able to get off the bloody couch. Foot raised. Fly swatter laying next to me in order to kill the little mosquito bastards that swoop down upon me as I lay here immobile, bored, and losing. my. mind.

Here, view my descent into madness. Who doesn’t love Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs & Ham?

Mosquito Genocide, Where Pacifism Ends

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Come! Pure blooded sons and daughters of glorious mammalian heritage! These vampiric, scum sucking parasites feeding off of our innocent women and children (and ME) cannot be suffered to live in our communites, our nations, MY F*** LIVING ROOM AND BEDROOM one moment longer! We must strengthen our wills for the great purge, and free ourselves from our demonic oppressors!

Here’s just one testimony, from one of our very own mammalian brothers. Hear it, and let it strengthen your resolve for the coming Purge:

“I moved to serbia with my pregnant wife. We got this fantastic apartment on the river in Zemun. All seemed wonderful, and i thought at last, life has finally decided to be kind to to me and my poor peasant wife.

“But then came the summer. And They came.

“They came in Legions, straight from the bowels of Hell itself! They infested our tranquil apartment! Every night i would spends HOURS killing Them, one after the other, first with a flimsy little swatter thingy, then with a trusty Serbian For Foreigners book, but no matter how many i killed, more would just come to take their place, like a demonic bloodsucking hydra from the Lower Depths!

“Every night, EVERY BLOODY NIGHT my wife would cry out to me at 2, even 3 AM and every night at this time you could find me standing in the middle of our bedroom in my underwear, trying to find the last few of these little vermin, scouring the damn bedroom looking for a little flea sized demon, sitting somewhere belching up our blood like a pint of thick, red beer.

They’re in every room! They’re in my brain! I can hear them in my head! Never stopping! Always buzzind! BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Does this plea from one of our brothers chill your heart? Then come! Join me! I pledge a War of Genocide! Mosquito Armageddon! Where the only currency we trade with these little bastards is Death! Don’t listen to those pathetic, bleeding heart insect lovers! (hi jana! luv ya…) Traitors to their species! There is no room in the New Order for the weak hearted! Take to the streets! Tonight We March!!!

(uhm… although actually, technically, uh, i personally won’t be actually physically marching, i’ll be, uhm, technically on the couch right here like a gimp, but uhm, YOU all will be marching and i’ll be cheering you all on from the couch here, maybe helping you think of slogans and making angry phone calls to the media)

And on that note, I present you this little inspirational video. Because seriously. These little bastards are driving us inSANE:

August 25, 2008

Guantanamo Baby

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I came across this last night, since with my spiffy broken foot i have NOTHING but time on my hands.

I am of course a big fan of Amnesty International, and remember the old, old Secret Policeman’s Ball with Monty Python back in my young, dorky days when I could shamelessly spout forth entire skits as well as scenes from The Holy Grail. Now of course my uber-suave, debonair demeanor makes this hard to imagine, but I assure you, I was a little Monty Python dork in good standing.

This is not Monty Python, though. For their last Secret Policeman’s Ball, they came up with a number of excellent little shorts, many animated (although one non animated one with Patrick Stewart, which shows nothing but hands and is about domestic violence is very, very good). This is one however, is probably my favorite:

As much as I want Obama to win, one thing I’ve always respected McCain for, was holding to his non-torture stance, even in the face of a party who is overwhelmingly for it, and wants to inCREASE what we can get away with. (Have they never heard of our new farming out to foreign torture camp policies?) If McCain, who admittedly I’m not voting for anyway, really does got through with this crap about “a possible compromise of the torture issue”, I will never forgive him. Not that that means much to him.

And one last thing while I’m on my soapbox. Because this pisses me off.

The Republicans have managed to become the party of American Christians, by pandering to them on stupid social issues like gay marriage and public displays of the 10 commandments.

These are stupid issues in the face of issues of human misery and pain, and if you as a Christian will support a regime who legitimizes torture, and even defend torture, you are NOT a Christian. You can put the 10 commandments on every wall in any metaphorical Babylon, and it is nothing but a joke if behind those walls they are committing acts of which cause intentional suffering.

American Christians, particularly evangelicals, are so loud and upfront about cultural issues, most of which as I said are rather silly when compared to real issues of human misery, and yet almost silent on issues which Christianity itself stresses clearly and repeatedly. Torture and violence for instance. Christ’s views on both cannot POSsibly be misunderstood. (“But them queers is fornicating!” I love my homosexual brothers and sister unconditionally. Period. And people are torturing and killing innocent people in your name. Which is worse?)

The silence also extends to things like Greed, and Lust for money and riches, which coincidentally are very fundamental “American values”. The New Testament, however, has never claimed that Gd wants you to be rich and well off. Actually, the opposite. Overindulgence, greed, lust for money, self obsession, these VERY anti-Christian values affect more people in the States then gay ANYthing, 10 commandment statues, or anything else I’ve ever seen on the moral majority political agenda. And yet I hear absolute silence on these from the Christian right.

The day I see american christians right up in arms, angry and making noise that can’t be ignored about the US involvement in torture, I will be honored to march alongside them. Until then, I’m ashamed, and question seriously their claims of “spiritual enlightenment” and that they do, in fact, know Gd.

(I will say as a PS, that there IS an international group, FIACAT, Federation International of Actions by Christians Against Torture which was begun in Britain, but there is NO US branch! There is a small US group, Christians Against Torture, ( who are sadly teeny, teeny tiny and coompletely invisible, as well as Witness Against Torture, ( who seems Catholic based, and actually Do some stuff. They’ve marched to Guantanamo, performed street theater, and seem rather active. As of writing this post, I’ve decided they’ll at least have ONE new member, as soon as I finish.)

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