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August 21, 2008

Serbian TV sues… well, everybody

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So, get this. This is classic:

During the reign of Milosovic, before cable had come to serbia, there were 2 government owned TV stations. They were of course completely state controlled, and broadcast never ending propoganda on a level that makes even Fox News look like Jiminy Cricket. And, as this was the only TV in town, you had to pay for it.

So every month everybody with a TV would get a bill they would have to pay in order to keep getting more proto-facism beamed into their homes. (And some actual shows, of course. Maja’s generation grew up watching Superman every New Years Day like yearly clockwork. Kind of like their version of The Charlie Brown Christmas Special.)

Fast forward to 2008. Now cable TV has long since arrived, Fox has THREE stations on it, History Channel, Wildlife, Discovery, movies, the whole bag of modern TV. And most people, just like in the States happily pay however much a month to get their 40 or so channels of cable goo.

However, these 2 state channels are STILL around, and you STILL get them whether you have cable or not. And they STILL send you a bill every month to pay for them.

Except no one gives a flying rat’s ass. People who have cable fivgure they’re already paying for TV, and one bill is enough. And if the stations go off the air, big whoop. there’s another 38 to choose from. So no one pays this stupid bill.

The stations keep broadcasting, the bills keep arriving, everyone keeps ignoring them, and on this has gone for awhile, these channels losing money and the State getting more and more pissed.

So the solution: to sue everyone with a TV. Which is, well, everyone. I assume if you’ve been paying your bill regularly, which is maybe a few aging pensioners (although considering what pensioners get from the state to live their golden years on, say about $200-$500 a month, not so likely) you might get off, but otherwise, the station has started broadcasting threats to it’s viewers.

Classic. Maybe they and the RIAA can combine forces, although i’d even give the RIAA the moral highground in comparison.


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  1. Over here, we’re awaiting the arrival of February 2009, when TV will switch to HD-only broadcast. And yes, I’m such a fogey that I still have the rabbit ears, and I got my little government coupon that will help pay for my HD converter box.

    Damned whippersnappers.

    Comment by matthew — August 22, 2008 @ 4:13 pm | Reply

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