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August 25, 2008

Guantanamo Baby

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I came across this last night, since with my spiffy broken foot i have NOTHING but time on my hands.

I am of course a big fan of Amnesty International, and remember the old, old Secret Policeman’s Ball with Monty Python back in my young, dorky days when I could shamelessly spout forth entire skits as well as scenes from The Holy Grail. Now of course my uber-suave, debonair demeanor makes this hard to imagine, but I assure you, I was a little Monty Python dork in good standing.

This is not Monty Python, though. For their last Secret Policeman’s Ball, they came up with a number of excellent little shorts, many animated (although one non animated one with Patrick Stewart, which shows nothing but hands and is about domestic violence is very, very good). This is one however, is probably my favorite:

As much as I want Obama to win, one thing I’ve always respected McCain for, was holding to his non-torture stance, even in the face of a party who is overwhelmingly for it, and wants to inCREASE what we can get away with. (Have they never heard of our new farming out to foreign torture camp policies?) If McCain, who admittedly I’m not voting for anyway, really does got through with this crap about “a possible compromise of the torture issue”, I will never forgive him. Not that that means much to him.

And one last thing while I’m on my soapbox. Because this pisses me off.

The Republicans have managed to become the party of American Christians, by pandering to them on stupid social issues like gay marriage and public displays of the 10 commandments.

These are stupid issues in the face of issues of human misery and pain, and if you as a Christian will support a regime who legitimizes torture, and even defend torture, you are NOT a Christian. You can put the 10 commandments on every wall in any metaphorical Babylon, and it is nothing but a joke if behind those walls they are committing acts of which cause intentional suffering.

American Christians, particularly evangelicals, are so loud and upfront about cultural issues, most of which as I said are rather silly when compared to real issues of human misery, and yet almost silent on issues which Christianity itself stresses clearly and repeatedly. Torture and violence for instance. Christ’s views on both cannot POSsibly be misunderstood. (“But them queers is fornicating!” I love my homosexual brothers and sister unconditionally. Period. And people are torturing and killing innocent people in your name. Which is worse?)

The silence also extends to things like Greed, and Lust for money and riches, which coincidentally are very fundamental “American values”. The New Testament, however, has never claimed that Gd wants you to be rich and well off. Actually, the opposite. Overindulgence, greed, lust for money, self obsession, these VERY anti-Christian values affect more people in the States then gay ANYthing, 10 commandment statues, or anything else I’ve ever seen on the moral majority political agenda. And yet I hear absolute silence on these from the Christian right.

The day I see american christians right up in arms, angry and making noise that can’t be ignored about the US involvement in torture, I will be honored to march alongside them. Until then, I’m ashamed, and question seriously their claims of “spiritual enlightenment” and that they do, in fact, know Gd.

(I will say as a PS, that there IS an international group, FIACAT, Federation International of Actions by Christians Against Torture which was begun in Britain, but there is NO US branch! There is a small US group, Christians Against Torture, ( who are sadly teeny, teeny tiny and coompletely invisible, as well as Witness Against Torture, ( who seems Catholic based, and actually Do some stuff. They’ve marched to Guantanamo, performed street theater, and seem rather active. As of writing this post, I’ve decided they’ll at least have ONE new member, as soon as I finish.)



  1. You probably know this already, but one of your chief ideological enemies is one Joel Osteen, headquartered down in Houston. There, from a massive stadium, he preaches the “prosperity gospels,” which are intensively massaged versions of things like the Parable of the Talents, which somehow wind up meaning that the Lord God Above wants all of his children to be filthy stinking rich. The man owns the nonfiction bestseller lists, and stands as a testament to doublethink, that old Orwellian skill of holding two contradictory ideas in one’s head and believing them both.

    Obama is certainly not perfect, but he does at least appear to know the basic tenets of Christianity, which, contrary to popular belief, are not “We’re right and you’re wrong, so go to hell and burn!”

    Comment by matthew — August 25, 2008 @ 9:19 pm | Reply

  2. Oh yeah, i hate that joel osteen guy.

    Comment by bunitingi — August 26, 2008 @ 2:15 am | Reply

  3. Time for lust, time for lie
    time to kiss your life goodbye
    Send me money, send me green
    Heaven you will meet
    Make a contribution
    and you’ll get a better seat

    Marvel at his tricks, need your Sunday fix
    blind devotion came, rotting your brain
    Chain, chain
    Join the endless chain, taken by his glamour
    Fame, Fame
    Infection is the game, stinking drunk with power
    We see…..
    Metallica said this a long time ago! :-O

    Comment by Joe — August 26, 2008 @ 11:37 am | Reply

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