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August 26, 2008

Mosquito Genocide, Where Pacifism Ends

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Come! Pure blooded sons and daughters of glorious mammalian heritage! These vampiric, scum sucking parasites feeding off of our innocent women and children (and ME) cannot be suffered to live in our communites, our nations, MY F*** LIVING ROOM AND BEDROOM one moment longer! We must strengthen our wills for the great purge, and free ourselves from our demonic oppressors!

Here’s just one testimony, from one of our very own mammalian brothers. Hear it, and let it strengthen your resolve for the coming Purge:

“I moved to serbia with my pregnant wife. We got this fantastic apartment on the river in Zemun. All seemed wonderful, and i thought at last, life has finally decided to be kind to to me and my poor peasant wife.

“But then came the summer. And They came.

“They came in Legions, straight from the bowels of Hell itself! They infested our tranquil apartment! Every night i would spends HOURS killing Them, one after the other, first with a flimsy little swatter thingy, then with a trusty Serbian For Foreigners book, but no matter how many i killed, more would just come to take their place, like a demonic bloodsucking hydra from the Lower Depths!

“Every night, EVERY BLOODY NIGHT my wife would cry out to me at 2, even 3 AM and every night at this time you could find me standing in the middle of our bedroom in my underwear, trying to find the last few of these little vermin, scouring the damn bedroom looking for a little flea sized demon, sitting somewhere belching up our blood like a pint of thick, red beer.

They’re in every room! They’re in my brain! I can hear them in my head! Never stopping! Always buzzind! BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Does this plea from one of our brothers chill your heart? Then come! Join me! I pledge a War of Genocide! Mosquito Armageddon! Where the only currency we trade with these little bastards is Death! Don’t listen to those pathetic, bleeding heart insect lovers! (hi jana! luv ya…) Traitors to their species! There is no room in the New Order for the weak hearted! Take to the streets! Tonight We March!!!

(uhm… although actually, technically, uh, i personally won’t be actually physically marching, i’ll be, uhm, technically on the couch right here like a gimp, but uhm, YOU all will be marching and i’ll be cheering you all on from the couch here, maybe helping you think of slogans and making angry phone calls to the media)

And on that note, I present you this little inspirational video. Because seriously. These little bastards are driving us inSANE:


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  1. Had those fuckers when we lived in the swamps of eastern Dallas. Move to the prairie, they get replaced by spiders.

    Comment by matthew — August 26, 2008 @ 10:43 pm | Reply

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