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August 27, 2008

H.P. Lovecraft, a musical ghost story

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I know that Matthew of The Matthew Show will recognize this, and i thank him profusely for his work on the original version of this.

Audio: Marionettes Of Bone (stream)  or   Download It

For your listening pleasure, I submit to you one of my new tracks. I’m doing a lot of work on various fronts these days, but one of the projects i’ll be completing in the upcoming months will be an album of nothing but stories.

As some of you know, my work has for a long time now contained sotrytelling elements. Obviously the album Mala Sirena is an album length musical story (tells the original version of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid), but on every album there is usually a track dedicated to simply telling a story set to music. (‘Cain’ of off Anamnesis is my personal favorite)

Occasionally i get together with some friends here to do a “Cineclub”, where we essentially all get together to watch a good movie. during on of these i watched the AMAZING french short film La Jetee by Chris Marker. This is the original film that the movie 12 monkeys was based off of. It’s told through stills, voice over and creepy music, and it’s phenomenal. It’s 26 minutes long and if you want, you can watch it here:

La Jetee

Begin drivel bit:

The movie COULD, however simply be listened to as an audio piece, and thus i decided to make an album of nothing  but stories. At the moment i believe the album will only be 4 tracks, as 2 of the track are very, very long. I’ve completed 3 of them, and the 4th… well, after watching Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (genius, find it here: . If you’re in europe, than you can’t watch it on the site and must download it from the itunes link provided there. Well worth it.) i decided to make a more humorous piece that i came up with years ago as a joke, Yog Sothoth: The Musical (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love Cthulu). That Cthulu part was added for name recognition, as Yog Sothoth alone isn’t as recognizable, and this track is meant for free circulation across the web. (admittedly by the rather dorkish contingent. On the oter hand, the very album itself is certainly not the kind of thing that is going to make me rich and famous anyway, so what the heck.)

I’m a bit stuck on the end bit of the story. Anyone who wants to help, e-mail me.

End drivel bit.

Which has nothing to do with my point, but as writing this is one of the high points of my otherwise COMPLETELY boring and uneventful day laying here on the couch AGAIN, i’m in no hurry to get to any point.

Here’s one of the tracks, one of the short ones, also, and coincidentally ALSO based on Lovecraft. (The Strange Case Of Charles Dexter Ward) I’m a fan of Lovecraft, it’s true, but not fanboy level. It just sort of happened this way.

Anyway, enjoy.


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