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August 28, 2008

Time For Some Campaignin’

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“Dear Paul,

You’re killing me here with the long winded religion lectures. I think H.P. Lovecraft has a more accurate worldview. Why don’t you do a post on something more fun and less tiring. Like politics!


Heathen Blog Reader”

“Dear Heathen Blog Reader,

When asked what my favorite thing about living overseas is, I have to usually answer, it’s not being caught in the middle of the American Media shit storm. Do you how often I have to watch a piece on TV analyzing and spinning the latest belch from one of the candidates? Never! I read Google news when I feel like it, and go about my day.

Oh sure, they have media storms here, too. Trust me, when they arrested Karadzic there may have been just a segment or 2 devoted to it. But i don’t have to listen to it, because i don’t understand it!! The media can happily spray forth a never ending torrent of swill, and it’s all blah-blah-blahbity-blah to me.

Heaven. It’s heaven.

So yes, let’s do some politickin’

You may have already seen this, but it’s total awesomey goodness.





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