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September 1, 2008

Scharpling and Wurster

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I love Scharpling and Wurster.

Scharpling is a writer (writes for Monk amongst other stuff) who DJs a radio show called ‘The Best Show On WFMU’. It is in fact a relic of, in America at least, the long dead type of radio show which actually has a real DJ who plays WHATEVER THEY WANT. A shocking concept.  He also takes calls.

So every now and then his buddy Wurster (drummer for Superchunk) calls up and pretends to be some shmuck. He doesn’t really change his voice much, so it’s not hard to recognize. But the conversations, totally dead pan, the 2 have are often absolutely brilliant.

My favorite bits of theirs are not online. Go to amazon or itunes, look up Scharpling & Wurster, and spend the .99 and get the tracks Timmy Von Trimble’ or ‘Old Skull’ from the album Hippy Justice, or  ‘Mother 13’ from new Hope For the Ape Eared

They are however very, very long. The average conversation is about 25 minutes. This puts me in a bind. I feel I should post a bit of theirs here since after recommending it, it’d be nice to sample. However, i can only post a bit they’ve actually put online to share already, and, ultimately, these bits might bore someone just sitting at the computer. Where they work their best is in your Ipod on the way to work in the morning, or in your car. When a long, strange, often amusing and sometimes very funny conversation is just the thing. (I really recommend it while traveling from point A to point B. On my way to work works well since in the morning i sometimes prefer speech to music.)

Regardless, i’m posting a bit from their site called HutPod.


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