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September 22, 2008

In Defense Of Anonymous

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So with this whole pwning of Oprah by some prankster on her message boards, Anonymous will get another round of media spew thrown at it.

Personally, i love Anonymous. Love them. They have my full support.

Okay, for those of you who have NO idea WHAT i’m talking about, let’s start with Oprah and work our way back.

A user by the name Pedobear posted a message to her board. Just so you know Pedobear is a long running gag on the very infamous 4Chan sight. He’s a pedophile bear (let me just point out that the humor is of a particularly…. well, could definitely be construed as tasteless. It is without a doubt not my particular cup of humor at ALL, but these are the nets and all kinds of humor exists). An example of the whole Pedobear thing is here.

So, the second thing you need to know, is that “over 9000” is another internet meme and means really impressive or totally awesome. It got appropriated from the popular Japanese ‘Dragonball Z’ cartoon, where a character described their power level as “OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!” So it’s used in a humorous pop culture reference sort of way. Remember “all your base are belong to us“?

Now, the phrase “We do not forgive, We do not forget” is of course the mantra of Anonymous, and fills my heart with bursting inspiration. But we’ll get to Anonymous in a second.

So, Oprah…..

Basically some prankster posted a message using various internet reference memes, Oprah took it seriously and warned against some completely outlandish bit of rubbish.

Now, Anonymous is an online… uh….. here just watch this:

Let me be very clear.

I HATE the Church of Scientology. Researching religions is a hobby of mine, and the weirder ones make for better reading. But Scientology….. oh, what a twisted, twisted…. it would be idiotic if it wasn’t so big, powerful, and as a institution, EVIL. Their tactics, their degree of manipulation, i despise them completely and utterly.

They are NOT a religion, they are psychological conditioning you PAY for. For that matter a religion doesn’t charge it’s members extraordinary amounts of money just for them to find out what it actually BELIEVES. (The galactic Lord Xenu is the big secret. He killed an entire race of aliens here on Earth millions of years ago. The alien ghosts are still living here and are attached to you, causing you problems. You find this all out after you’ve payed 10s of thousands of dollars to “Clear” yourself of you bad memories. But you’re still not the ubermensch you were promised to be. This is because of the alien parasite. You must pay for MORE sessions to one by one get rid of THEM. There can thousands of them on you.)

Members are harassed horrifically if they try to leave, critics are harrased horrifically, hell they infiltrated the FBI in the 1970s and purged scores of records of their members and their nutjob of a bad science fiction author leader L Ron Hubbard. Infiltration, wiretapping, they got into the IRS! Seriosuly, i kid you not. Operation Snow White, look it up.  And lastly, as far their author being a bad science fiction writer, i challenge you to make it through one of his books without rolling your eyes and in the words of the precocious Dorothy Parker: “…this is not a book to be put down lightly but to be hurled with some force into the corner of the room.”.

They have policy called Fair Game, where when they feel a person is an enemy of Scientology: “Enemy:SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.-L.Ron Hubbard”

Surely i don’t have to go on. You’ve all heard the horror stories.

(If anyone from scientology ever actually read this: i do not hate you personally and hope one day you will find your way out and the peace you are looking for. However i despise your organization and as an entity  feel it is vile. Since your organization has a terrible history of bullying it’s critics, let me also be clear You (formal/plural version) do not scare me. Go ahead. Sue me. You Twats.)

I love Anonymous.

So,  Anonymous urged all interested people to have a massive world wide protest on May 10, 2008, called Operation Fair Game Stop. Protest occured in about 25 cities around the globe. There are a myriad of you tube videos documenting the various protests. Here’s a sample vid from London:

Now of course, there’s some blowback:

Which is bollocks and has nothing to do with the actual organization and its goals.

And of course, Scientology has launched a massive  million something dollar campaign to fight this new negative exposure and spiffy its image. They also responded directly to Anonymous on CNN:

So good. I agree, find out for yourselves. Look into Scientology. What you’ll find is terrible. The organization is such a lying, manipulative sack of ****** ****** ********* *******.

Let us end with this:

We do not forgive. We do not forget.


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