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September 26, 2008

Sweet sweet sushi

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So yesterday was my birthday. (Yay me!) And wouldn’t you know it,  Maja managed to find a sushi restaurant in Belgrade. I was able to fulfill my number one wish, which was to have some bloody sushi. It rocked.

She has consequently, pretty much earned a stack of get out of jail free cards that should last for at least the next month. You know, cause being pregnant ain’t enough to cut it with me. I’m gettin’ tired of all this complainin’ ’bout how difficult it is to get up and get me more beer. Damn womenfolk. Baby just sits there in yer damn tummy. I don’t see the big deal.

So, let’s see, sushi down…. gave up on ben & jerry’s…. that leaves someone sending me a case of Sam Adams and my list will be near complete.

Now before y’all run off to ship me a case of Sam, ’cause i KNOW that was your next move, sadly, i must inform you that you must never, ever send us any packages ever.

My mom sent us a package. It had in it some bras for post-pregnancy/nursing. And 2 paperbacks. And a sweater. That’s it. She paid $50 to send it.

When they delivered it here, they charged us $60 to receive it. 60 bucks! In dinar currency, of course. We tried explaining that the shipping was already paid for. Maja did her whole “oh look, the poor pregnant woman, carrying mankind’s future in her sweet overburdened belly” routine. (You’d think this would work more often…

Wait. Quick side track. Yes i know this post is entirely uninteresting. Tranny porn is only a click away if you need to run off and be interested in something. Back here in boring land i have a question for all you recent mothers: when you took public transportation, and if you didn’t i spit on your bourgeoisie car, unless i can borrow it…. damn… writing is tricky when your brain thinks in endless run on sentences leading nowhere…

Did people get up to give you seats? Did you have to ask? What was your experience in this?

When Maja takes the bus here, if she doesn’t ask someone to please let her sit, NO one will get up. Okay, maybe occasionally. But barely. And i used to hear women bitch about the same thing in NY subways. But most of the guys i know are the kind who would always get up and give pregnant women their seat, and that includes here. So do i just not see a larger reality?)

Anyway, might as well get back to the point. I was hoping that as i wrote, interesting, fascinating bits would just pour out, but i see now this isn’t going to happen, so we might as well race to the finish line.

Package. 60 m******g dollars.


Yes, see, customs opens all the packages. And they decide what they think the worth is. And then they charge you an arbitrary number for importing said item of value. So they decided that out of 3 bras, a sweater and 2 dingy paperbacks, their cut should be $60. Which was more than half the actual cost of the items in the first place.

There is no system of accountability here, (at allllllllllll) so if you feel there’s a discrepancy or you wish to contest the amount, please send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

665 BendOverandTakeitLikea***** St., Belgrade, Serbia 11080

If you send us anything we will have to pay through the pooper for it. We literally can’t afford to receive packages.

So i will have to be satisfied with my sushi dinner (and i am. maja is GOLDEN today in my book. hell in the middle of the night last night i sat up and composed her a gushy earnest love letter) Sammy, sweet sweet Sammy will just have to wait.

Day After Birthday Plan: sit and watch stupid movies in the rainy afternoon and eat Pringles.

As you can see, i’ve got to go carpe the diem. Slainthe.


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  1. When my very pregnant friend was trying to get onto the bus during the blackout a few years ago (to go to Jersey)…in August…and she’d been walking blocks and blocks…she asked a guy if he’d let in front of him since she was pregnant.

    “Not my kid!” he said and turned his back.

    What kept happening to me on the subway was that the men would avoid my eyes (so they wouldn’t have to offer), and then some bent over old woman with bad hips and walker and cataracts and about 10 minutes from death WOULD get up and say “Have my seat, dearie!” Because probably she’d been there too.

    So yes, the world is full of assholes. Serbia may not actually be worse than NYC in that regard.

    Raise your son right, is what I’m saying.

    Comment by emjaybee — September 26, 2008 @ 11:31 pm | Reply

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