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September 28, 2008

The Fourth Dimension

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I’m having a good time playing with the idea of the 4th dimension.

Usually the conception of it is time. Which, watching a really good video on the 4th dimension here it seems to be. (i really wanted to post both it and the next one, but it’s a bit of overkill.) However i decided to stick with Carl Sagan’s explanation, as he doesn’t delve into the time analogy at all.

Here is Carl Sagan explaining it: (Carl Sagan was a pretty funky dude…)

And here is a tesseract in action:

One more of a tesseract. Granted, it may not need to go on for 5 bloody minutes, but it is pretty awesome to watch:

So, uh, anybody want to go one more and see what the 5th dimension is all about? This video just blew my little mind. After this i might have to go back to Sherlock Holmes slash fan fiction. ($100 says SOMEone has written one) Anyway, to blow your mind, the 5th dimension:

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