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October 8, 2008

Assassins: Lee Harvery Oswald

Let’s have something a little different today. When’s the last time you went to the theater?

This bit is a conversation between John Wilkes Booth (the guy who shot President Lincoln) and Lee Harvey Oswald (the guy who shot President Kennedy). It’s taken from a theater show called Assassins, which explores all of the people who have tried (and often succeeded) to kill US Presidents. The great Stephen Sondheim was composer.

One little bit of interest for my european friends. For a long time in the States we had what’s known as the 20 year curse. As the legend goes, an Indian woman, as her village was being burnt to ground and her tribe slaughtered by the American governemnet, put a curse on the leaders of the US. Every President elected in a year ending in zero, 1840,1900, 1920, etc  would die in office.

AND….. curiously enough:

President Harrison, elected 1840: died of pneumonia

President Lincoln, elected 1860: shot by John Wilkes Booth

President Garfield, elected 1880: shot by Charles Guiteau

President McKinley, elected 1900: shot by Leon Czolgosz

President Harding, elected 1920, died of heart attack (conspiracy theories abounded that he was poisoned)

President Roosevelt, elected 1940 (amongst other years), died of cerebral hemorrhage

President Kennedy, elected 1960, shot by Lee Harvey Oswald

All died in office.

After this the curse stops. Reagan (e. 1980) WAS shot, but he obviously lived. Bush would be the next (e. 2000) but with 3 months to go, i’m going to go ahead and simply assume he will make it to end just fine. The “curse” does in fact seem to have ended. Interesting though, no?

And thus, i give you a nice little dramatic conversation. One assassin to another.

Conversation between John Wilkes Booth & Lee Harvey Oswald





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  1. Why did the curse have to end? WHY???

    Hold on, someone’s at my door in a pair of jackboots…

    Comment by matthew — October 8, 2008 @ 6:26 pm | Reply

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