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October 22, 2008

Bill Cosby: Passe? Hell No. Comedian Extraordinare

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He’s not edgy. At all.

He doesn’t swear, and in fact goes out of his way to be very polite when it comes time to discuss touchy things.

And yet, he was in fact a brilliant stand up comedian.

In the days of Lenny Bruce, every comedian had a middle of the road routine, jokes, get a little risque, not too much, bandda bing badda boom. Lenny Bruce came along and set comedy on it’s head. He swore, discussed racism, drugs, didn’t pull any punches, went out of his way to slap you in the face with the cold, hard glare of his insight. And it was a revolution.

Now i tell you, the idea of a comedian who DOESn’t swear, or go for the vulgar, and yet still be incisive and drop dead funny is a rarity. Swearing doesn’t bother me in the least, mind you, but after the Great, Great Bill Hicks, i now find all other comedians with their “edgy” humor to be rather dull. And Dane Cook, who does tell stories, doesn’t have good punchlines. There’s no moment when i actually crack up.

Having a baby, i wanted to hear someone talk about the experience and make me laugh. But it was all so predictable. And strangely i found that most of it either ripped off Bill Cosby, or made me want to go hear him do it better. Because he did.

The fact is, when you want to hear about having children, he has pretty much set the comedy bar. I know he’s a bit passe, and some of his jokes are now part of the pop culture landscape and thus you’ve heard them before, but someone needs to give this man his props.


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  1. Bill Cosby was a genius from the get-go. While other comedians in the ’60s were telling actual jokes, he had whole routines that were just stories from his childhood. He and Bob Newhart totally reinvented comedy at that time, on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Lenny Bruces and Dick Gregorys.

    But THEN he goes on to make the most dead-on observations about parenting EVER. Fuck Dr. Spock, Bill Cosby, Himself is the goddamned Bible of what to expect when you’re expecting.

    And THEN he takes aim at aging, in gems like 49, beating Mr. Proust about the head and shoulders all the while.

    So God said to Adam and Eve, “Do not eat the fruit thereof.”

    So they said, “Where is it?”

    He said, “It’s over there, and DON’T EAT IT.”

    So they said, “Right!”

    Comment by matthew — October 22, 2008 @ 1:48 am | Reply

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