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October 23, 2008

Mocha Lab vs. New Monsoon

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While i was making that recent post about the band New Monsoon a rather interesting remembrance struck me.

A couple years ago, when i was in San Francisco, i was having a drink with Jeff Miller, old, dear friend and songwriter/guitarist for New Monsoon. I told him about a very intense dream my wife had involving a blue queen along with whatever other discussion pieces we chatted about.

Some time after that night, completely unbeknownst to each other, we each wrote a song about that dream, and each called it, surprise, surprise, Blue Queen. (apparently we also each wrote a song called The Other Side, which maybe i’ll get to some other day.)

I thought it would be fun to offer up both tracks back to back as a fascinating comparison. It’s not often you find 2 folks writing a song with the same name about the same idea completely independently. (Much less who have been friends since childhood) So here goes.

First we present (this is live by the way. A very good recording) New Monsoon: Blue Queen

And now, Mocha Lab: Blue Queen




  1. Paully (Wolly), how ironic that the day I finally feel mentally free enough at work to actually be able to enjoy reading your blog, it’s a day that you’re talking about Jeffy (Weffy). Now I’ll have to look out for blue queens in my life, to close the loop. (there’s the annual drag race next Tuesday, but I’m sure she’ll turn up in a more mystical way than that)

    I’ve missed you Paul, and have wished to read your blog more often. The other day, Ilia actually sent the link to your blog to some woman in Tbilisi so she could read about your amazing search for your birth father.

    Give Maja a wide hug from me. I wish her all the best. I’ll be keeping my eye on the 10th-20th or sooner! I can’t believe you’re going to be parents so soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Bettina — October 23, 2008 @ 8:22 pm | Reply

  2. Loved those pictures, by the way!

    Comment by Bettina — October 23, 2008 @ 8:24 pm | Reply

  3. Father Paulsy,

    I have so much to say. I hate email..I don’t read blogs. I love you..I miss you…i want to eat your baby!

    Wow 2 weeks…Please please give Maja my love and tell her uncle Jeff lurks around the corner (although, how can i lurk more than her father?

    I’m off the road for awhile as Bo is having a boy too. Big life questions…I’m giving guitar lessonss to get by right now…enjoying the California warm Autumn winds….wood stacked..

    Seriously. you are my best friend..I am so cheering you on Man…glad you are going first.


    p.s. really cool Blue Queen..yours i mean

    Comment by jeff — October 26, 2008 @ 9:02 am | Reply

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