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November 5, 2008

PLEASE vote…

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(for Obama perferrably.)

Seriously. Folks, could you PLEASE, just this once in 8 years, give me a happy election day, instead of a horrible, depressed, hungover post election day? I’m not even drinking or in america this election day, so maybe you could just see in your little hearts to not elect a total retard this time?

Remember how i told you last time your guy was a total retard? You didn’t listen and look what happened. I know, after that last election you were all smug and in my face, and okay, i took it and let your guy have at it another 4 years.

But really, it turned out so very, very bad. I mean,  i know a lot’s been said about your guy SUCKING and i know you’ve been complaining that i’ve been pointing out how much he sucks too often, but i’ve been thinking about it, and even you must admit, you deserve it. You were so smug, so unconvincable. And still, i don’t believe you’ve really learned much.

So just, this one time, can you JUST listen to me. JUST THIS ONCE. Can you please NOT put another F******** Republican in office???!!!!???? Let the Republican’s reinvent themselves and maybe go back to their “less government” roots. I liked those roots. It balanced out the Democrats’ “let’s solve everything with a government program” tendency. Republicans need to wipe the neocons from their butts with a giant  political piece of toilet papaer, and after they do we can rediscuss the idea of letting another Republican in teh White House.

But for now, DON’T DO IT!!! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, DON’T DO IT. JUST FUCKING PUT OBAMA IN and then he can take over shtooping you and the rest of the world in the rear.

Please. is it too much to ask?


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  1. Are you Happy now?

    Comment by Patsy — November 5, 2008 @ 11:43 pm | Reply

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