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November 7, 2008

11th Hour

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My apologies to those who were checking this blog tonight for some light entertainment. With the elections over, i have reached the point where, honestly, the only thing on my mind when i’m not making music (reggae Nyarlathoptep tune going great) is the impending Day.

In the past 2-3 days Maja’s mood swings have escalated. She can cry on a dime. She’s having really bothersome stomach issues, and both of these are classic symptoms of the few days leading up to labor. The End Days are upon us. Given the signs, it is highly reasonable to expect that at this time next week there will a baby in the empty crip we have set up in our bedroom.

The apartment is has been redecorated and looking great. All the baby stuff is here and ready to go, with the exception of the clothes and diapers which are at her mother’s who has washed and folded them, and which i will bee picking up tomorrow.

Her contractions are getting more thorough. I’ve mentioned before, but i’ll just mention again for those of you who will one day be having a baby yourselves and don’t know all these little details i am now an expert on, the pregnant mother experiences many, many contractions well before labor. In the past few days they’ve taken over the entire stomach, a new development and another sign of the End Days.

Everything is a waiting game now. I went to see the new James Bond movie tonight (loved it! Damn but this new Bond reboot is being done really, really well. I’ve never been a big fan since i was a child. When i was a kid i didn’t care about how incipiently devoid of plot they were. but now all those films, especially the Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton and whoever else did it in there, are a bit dim. But these new ones… really fine action flicks. Really fine. Bond as a character is cool as hell again.)

Seeing the movie, i had to leave my cell phone on. (“Don’t call to say hello and see how i am. If i get a call i will assume it is serious and shit my pants.”) Of course, i DID get a call, from another music producer i’m friends with here, which i had to embarrassingly ignore while pressing my hand on my pocket to try to muffle the sound. It figures. He’ll be playing a gig tomorrow night, was the one who sang on the 17 track, and wants to perform the track in his set, which is awesome.

And the evening and the morning were the Last Days.

To quote Sondheim, “Perpetual anticipation is good for the soul but bad for the heart.”

It’s the 11th hour. I spend my days poised.



  1. At this point, I suppose I should share the story of my birth. As my mother tells it, she was big with child and expecting to pop at any time, but being a single-income family, my father was at work waiting for the call while she sat around the house waiting for something to happen.

    One day a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman rang the bell. She really wasn’t interested in a new vacuum, but being my mother, she stood at the door and chatted with him for a while (her conversations with strangers are seldom under 5 minutes).

    Then suddenly, out of nowhere, her water broke. Right in front of the rather surprised salesman (though he can’t have been too surprised, talking with a woman who was 9 months pregnant). Chaos ensued, with the salesman trying to help her get to the phone to call my dad and call the ambulance to get her to the hospital, and probably praying as hard as he could that he could get her handed off to professionals before he had to deliver the baby himself.

    As it turned out, I piddled around long enough getting out that my mother was safely in the hospital before I poked my head out and said, not for the last time, “God damn, it’s cold out here!!” or complaining sounds to that effect.

    My father, though at the hospital, was not present to hear my first complaint (though he has heard a disproportionate number of them since). As was the fashion of the time, he was reading a Life magazine in the waiting room. He happened upon an article about President Kennedy’s itinerary for a trip overseas. Frowning, he looked at the front of the magazine for the date. 1963. I was born in 1974.

    Anyways, they felt obligated to bring my wrinkled, whining mass home, where I stayed for the next 20 years. The experience obviously gave them pause, because they waited 3 more years before conceiving another one…

    Pretty soon your story will happen, and it will become your son’s story. Tell it to him, and he can regale his friends with it when he’s old and up too late on a Friday night.

    Comment by matthew — November 8, 2008 @ 5:48 am | Reply

  2. Paul, in reflexology the point for relieiving stomach cramps is the soft tissue just under the pad of the foot on the inside.Both sides. Its soft like stomach. Try massaging and pressing it ( hard is ok ) Check out a reflexology foot map and you might even induce the baby and well as cheering up the mother. Love to both.

    Comment by Abbessa — November 8, 2008 @ 11:32 am | Reply

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