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November 11, 2008

Zeitgeist: Addendum

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I did not like the first Zeitgeist movie.

I wrote a post on it, but as it’s long and my writing style was a bit over the top (it was early in my blog career before i calmed down and became just a tad more coherent) i’ll spare you the link. Suffice to say, it dealt with religion, 9/11 and the banking industry. And alas, it was terribly done from a factual standpoint.

On the issue of religion, it’s facts were so straight out wrong, that i had a hard time believing another word they said. On the issue of 9/11, i will admit, i find 98% of the going conspiracy theories to be ridiculous, (utterly. i’m very anti-establishment, trust me, so it’s not that i can’t “get my mind around it”, it’s that truly, the conspiracy theories offered are REALLY ridiculous and most, like Loose Change, well disproved). Zeitgeist offered nothing new there.

The bit on banking was the most watchable, but it falls into the “shadowy cabal” who runs everything hole. How these 3 sections connect is never explained, other than some secret group of international bankers run everything, use Christianity to enslave the masses and engineered 9/11.

Now i certainly know a lot of people who are ready to enthusiastically jump all over that, but bad facts (lots of them) and hyper dramatic assertions are a cheap ploy which make a premise almost impossible to take truly seriously.

So now they’re back with Zeitgiest: Addendum. I was given the enthusiastic hard sell the other night by a friend, and now another has once again brought it to my attention, so i figured i’d take an hour, myabe even only  half and sigh my way through another dramatic opinion pitch.

I didn’t expect to like it. Strangely, i actually did.

They stuck to banking this time. Good move, both because the recent meltdown makes it timely, and because it was the only part of the last one worth anything.

I have not yet researched their assertions and facts. Furthermore, make no bones about it, it goes for the dramatic hammer over the head, but i gotta say, it bloody does it well. it once again really tries to reach far and wide and goes from banking to the entire human in the cosmos condition, although to it’s credit, it really does stay much more focused. It remains firmly anti-religion although only touches on this briefly. More to point i should say it’s firmly anti-religious institutions. While i would actually describe myself as religious, i do feel that the filmmaker and i would be able to find much common ground on the issue.

It WAS compelling. It’s actually REALLY compelliing. It’s an impassioned opinion delivered  a bit more carefully, and i couldn’t stop watching. It also managed to nail many of my own personal biases and beliefs, so obviously i was rather more enthralled.

It REALLY needs to be taken with a LARGE grain of salt, but if watching this kind of stuff is your bag of tea, i do have to pretty hardily recommend giving it a view. It’s a bloody good watch. It IS 2 hours, so good luck with that. I think it helps if you have a video iPod and can watch it while in transit, but of course, most of you probably have cars so this wouldn’t apply. Still, here it is:

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. First off, I have not seen either movie. But as someone who works in the banking industry (and who has worked in many large corporations of various types), I have to say that if those at the top had a mind to pull off a global (or even national) conspiracy, it would be damn near impossible.

    Yes, they confer, yes, they make deals. But they are also forever stabbing each other in the back, forgetting where they put that memo, and using every tool at their disposal to carve out a larger bonus for themselves and hoping their good secretary won’t quit after too many late nights. Evil supergeniuses in the Dick Cheney model are few and far between, at least in my experience.

    It is my firm contention that sloth is a far more virulent force in the world than malice, and this is doubly so in the banking industry. So many people have been asleep at the wheel for so long, that when they looked up, bam, they were already halfway up the iceberg.

    And frankly, I saw the real estate bubble coming in 2003, as did a number of people. None of this is new information. Laziness is forever.

    Comment by matthew — November 11, 2008 @ 9:12 pm | Reply

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