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November 22, 2008

Life On Half A Brain

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What? What did you…. wait, i was doing something. Oh yeah, i have to get a fresh diaper clothe… where did we put…. hang on i’m coming…. is he spitting up? Oh it’s okay he’s just fussy.

Have we eaten yet? I don’t think… what time is it? It’s noon. We really need to eat. What do you want? Eggs sound awesome. Here i’ll run tot he store across the street and get some. Yeah think of whatever else you need and…. oh ho there he goes. When did he eat? Has it been two hours? How long ago…. hang on i’ll grab the pillow.

(2hours later)

What? What did you…. wait, i was doing something. Oh yeah, i have to…. hang on. Did we eat yet? Tingi, you HAVE to eat, you’re a nursing mama. What were we going to eat? Oh yeah, eggs sound awesome. I need to do a load in the machine did your mother bring the…. no here put him on his side…. well what if…. oh, that knuckle trick is really good. If he feeds again you should really sleep for an hour. I think he can… oh that’s right, eat. Okay let me run to store and…. oh, my little ittle baby boy. Little booshy tooshy. Little booshy tooshy.

(1 hour later)

What? What did you…. wait, i was doing something. EAT! We have to EAT! No i’m going NOW. No waiting for lists. Just off the top of your head tell me what you need. The pharmacy? Again? Why don’t we just set up a system where my paycheck just go straight to them? Yeah, heh heh. Oh no you poor thing, i know. You’re doing great. Let’s…. oh there he goes. No i can’t, i HAVE to go to the store.

(1 hour later)

RRRUMR RRUMMR RRUM RURURRMM. Mmm. That was good. He spends longer just trying to attach to your breast than we get to spend eating. OOooo there he…. no i don’t think he’s hungry, just fussy. Here let me pick him up.

HelLLLOOO little booshy. Little booshy tooshy. Daddy loves you. Yeeeessss, daddy loves you so much.

Have we slept?



  1. Flashbacks. ((shudder))

    Comment by matthew — November 23, 2008 @ 3:41 pm | Reply

  2. No you haven’t slept. Someday, you will again.

    Comment by emjaybee — November 23, 2008 @ 4:39 pm | Reply

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