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November 24, 2008

Really? More pics? NooooOOOOooooo problem.

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“I for one am not babied out. MORE BABY!! more baby pics!!! woohhooooo. I love it.”

I do requests when i play piano (although if it’s  Margueritaville, you can basically go *&@#%^@&), so i see no reason not to do them on the blog. Hell, I know IIII’m not tired of baby pics, but then again i also look into the kleenex every time i blow just to check out what i’m producing there too, so i’m not always sure how many other people are on board.

Besides, it’s 1AM and i have another 4-5 hours to pass before Maja wakes up to take over. That’s right, i’m the night shift. Baby is also a night owl, which we will work on weening off starting sometime next week. But from now until i hope 2:30 (maybe 3? Please?) he might even stay passed out since we gave him a good long feeding. But this has never happened yet. Usually Maja wakes up just as dawn is breaking to find the 2 of us passed out on the couch. 4 Am is the worst. He won’t stay quiet unless i hold him really tight. He doesn’t do this any other time of the day quite this stubbornly, but oh well. It’s Daddy/ baby time and i wouldn’t trade it for anything. Other than actual sleep.

Oh sorry. More pics? here you go, Lucia. ( and i know a couple others of you)

I will work on getting some that include maja for next time. (to be honest, we have several now, but as they involve.. ahem…. feeding time, i cannot post those without Maja’s permission. And she’s sleeping. And for heaven’s sake that woman gets less sleep than I do. Also, she’s working on the big post telling her delivery story, but as she has problems, uh, sitting down (you other mothers out there know what i’m talking about), it will come sometime later in the week.






We try not to use the bottle, but it's just not always possible.



Well, fills ME with warm fuzzies every time.

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  1. Aww. That is a cute critter you got there. Inconvenient as it sometimes was, I do have good memories of the little feller sleeping on my lap while I read a book or some such (Daddy’s lap was the only place he’d sleep for any length of time). Now I can barely lift the moose.

    Comment by matthew — November 24, 2008 @ 11:31 pm | Reply

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