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December 20, 2008

Super Awesome Mini Songs

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Okay, i’m almost done with my blog recuperation and will write some more stuff about more stuff.

And i quote: “Dude update your blog. We’re all jonesing for more baby pics and descriptions of you suffering.”

Yes. I see how things are.

In any case, while i get ready for another round with the blog i’d love to post these COMPLETELY AWESOME (awesome when blogging to describe something i like, is by far my favorite word in the world. I’m not sure why. It denotes a youthful excitement over some piece of pop culture candy which is how ebst to enjoy most stuff i post i guess. Awesome means fun. Words like spectacular and jaw dropping would be best for serious stuff.

In any case, some wonderful mini songs (they’re all like a minute something each) from Flight Of The Concord which are in fact, completely awesome. (Maja, if reading this, look down to your left. There are the headphone. Put them on to hear. Do not worry. The baby will not choke to death on his own screams in the minute or so it will take you to0 listen to any of these.

(nice Umbrellas Of Cerbourg references in that first one…)


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