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December 23, 2008

Mom meets Baby

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Obviously it’s very nice to have my mother here to spend a week with her grandson.

And after several days of rain and cold (and extreme fatigue on my part) it was clear today and i was able to take her downtown (and out of the apt and neighborhood) which she thoroughly welcomed and enjoyed.

But an aspect that i find particularly rewarding that i hadn’t thought of beforehand was the note comparison. Not just with someone who’s raised a baby of their own, but with someone who raised YOU as a baby.

I now know what my little Hunger Nugget is like at a month old. It hadn’t occured to me to compare notes as to how I was like at a month old or so.

My little Hunger Nugget: Hungers. Eats with great zest.

Me at that age: Ate much more slowly. Took my time. My mom said it was during this period that she got addicted to soaps since i took so long to make it through a bottle. (Boy did THIS aspect of me change later in life.)

Apparently i was more mellow. He’s a bit more zesty in not only communicating his desires, but damn, that boy goes at that Titty/bottle like them’s Buffalo Chicken wings on 10 cents night. (Mmmmmm. Buffalo chicken wings… MMMMmm. Damn, move over kid, that titty got any spice?)

Me: Adorable.

Him: So totally adorable.

As we can see there are similarities too.

That’s all. Not that many notes to compare as of yet. I might ask for more examples tomorrow. At the moment said Hunger Nugget is in fact making sounds of… you guessed it, hunger.

My Master awaits.

Yes Master, your Bitch is on his way.



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  1. Comparing notes with your parents is essential. Some behaviors that may alarm you could in fact turn out to be things you yourself did, and look how you turned out. Well, maybe that’s not the best example…

    Seriously, though, if you haven’t already, you should collect some health history from your birth parents, and keep an eye open for things on that list as he gets older. It’ll be a good reference for him as an adult as well. Getting your own childhood health & behavioral history from your mom is great. Same with Maja & her family, as you’ve mixed up the genetic cocktail, so anything goes.

    Mind you, it can vary even with children of the same parents. My sister’s two kids have extremely different eating habits (one barely eats, the other never stops), and my siblings & I had very different temperaments and still do. This is what the first child does: Sets up expectations for the second one to completely dismantle, so in effect you have to learn the whole thing over again.

    My old man spent my childhood CONVINCED that I was drinking, smoking and whoring around town, when in fact I did nothing of the sort (more’s the pity). Then after his guard was down, my brother ended up doing all that stuff and didn’t get caught for years.

    In short, family is an institution. The mental kind.

    Comment by matthew — December 23, 2008 @ 6:53 pm | Reply

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