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March 6, 2009

Adam Playlist

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So, i thought i’d give my current song playlist for the little one. This does not include what i sing to him, which is an endless repertoire of whatever comes into my head plus a lot of free form scatting (which he loves.)

When you talk about songs a baby likes, it would seem rather self evident that you’re speaking more of songs that the parent likes, but this is not entirely true. The baby has definite preferences. He clearly loves being held by me and rocked to music, but if he doesn’t like or care about a song, he will fuss through it. You know he likes something when goes completely slack and lays like a log staring blankly into space. Seriously.

It is also assumed that babies will like soft stuff.  Gentle acoustic guitar or piano tracks. This is only the case when he’s already totally chilled or asleep. When he’s awake and being held he LOVES stuff with a beat. (Probably because this factors into the rocking experience) LOVES a groove. His tastes are very much based on whether it has a low to mid tempo groove and of course is somewhat dreamy or hypnotic.

I’ve played him a lot of everything. I even tried some Appalachian music recently, but boy did that not work. These are the tried and true tracks that he’s guaranteed to always like. In no particular order.

1. All The Young Dudes- Mott The Hoople.

This is the ultimate fuss song. I played him this randomly one day, it being on the Juno soundtrack, while he was fussing and BAM he went totally quiet and slack. Since then it works every time. It’s a little rambunctious for a baby, so when he’s crying and i put this on, turning it up to a good volume it works like a charm.

I should mention that when he’s cranky and crying, songs that are louder then him do the trick. This one is louder then him, has a steady mid tempo groove, and a chorus his Daddy can sing along with (which is always a bonus). the ultimate fuss track.

2. Sand- Phish (from 12.13.99 Jaimee will aprreciate that. Also, Gotta Jibboo from the same show works super well.)

This is THE secret weapon track. I even taught it to Maja after she saw the magic. When he WILL NOT sleep-, THIS is the track.  I know many of you are thinking it’s inevitable that the baby would be exposed to tons of Phish, but really, i don’t play a whole lot for him as most of it is too rambunctious. But ’99 Phish… it’s perfect. Long, long hypnotic grooves. This track is like, 20 minutes long, mid tempo, hypnotic as hell, and the guitar solo doesn’t even really get going until like, 16 minutes into it, so you have long time to play with. That bass line groove puts him OUT.

3. Carpet Crawlers- Genesis.

He actually prefers the ’99 remix to the original Lamb Lies Down version. I play him the original for my own enjoyment sometimes, but he WAY prefers the remake, probably because it’s got a much deeper groove. This one goes over real well.

4. Mutilated Lips- Ween.

Folks, If you don’t know this song off of Ween’s album Mollusk, then seriously, you really, really need to go listen to it. (the rest of the album is much different from this one track so start with this). I knew he’d like this off the bat, and he goes totally slack blank faced every time.

5. Veruca Salt- Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, new 2004 version, Danny Elfman. I personally love this track (it goes without saying i love all these tracks i guess. ) Dreamy, fun, and great lyrics.

6. Solomon- Mocha Lab.

I expect him to like this one since i WROTE it while singing to him. No, none of you have ever heard it. It’ll be off the upcoming Cthulhu: The Funksical, which is finsihed expect for one female vocal performance. In any case, i  sing this track myself, and i’m not sure what he thinks of that. My voice coming from the stereo while i’m holind him. Does he know? I don’t know. But it’s a fun uptempo reggae number, very cute and simple, the kind you would write with a baby in your arms. He approved of it from the get go.

7. Temptation Of Adam- Josh Ritter.

This one is one of those soft acoustic guitar with vocals ones that i warned about at the beginning. This can only be played once he’s totally zoned out ’cause there’s no beat. BUT it’s a good one for Daddy to sing along with, and he likes Daddy singing so it manages to work. At the right moment.

8. Sweet Home Chicago, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, She Caught The Katy- The Blues Brothers soundtrack.

BOY does he love this soundtrack. I downloaded it and played it one afternoon when i felt like having a dance party with him, and the tracks zonked him into a hypnotic state. And ever since, these songs totally chill him out and calm him down. They’re uptempo with loud horns, but admittedly ROCK solid grooves. Those grooves just do it for him. Who knew? This was an unexpected bonus, as i hadn’t listened to the soundtrack in years and have been enjoying paying it for him and singing it.

9. Who Loves You, What A Night, Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.

Okay, Can’t Take My Eyes was THE song i sang to him in the womb, so it’s a no brainer. When i got it off their best hits these other songs came with it. (along with a lot of their 50s works, but other then Sherry Baby, i couldn’t care less about their 50s stuff. I’m a child of the 70s, so maybe it’s no wonder it’s their 70s stuff that does it for me). These songs are AWESOME, they TOTALLY groove, and they are uber fun to sing. These were tracks i never would have thought i’d be singing to my baby, but he LOVES it.

So there you go. A brief list of the favorite tracks we’re usually grooving too. (once again i play him a more varied collection, but what he actually responds overwhelmingly to is a bit more limited.) A brief shout out to Bob Marley, who SOMETIMES works really well, as does Steely Dan. (Sometimes…)

What about y’all?



  1. Are you overthinking all of this music? I used to sing my son Zippy-Do-Dah, She”ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain, the A-B-C Song, Home on the Range, and lots of standard simple goodies. Look how he turned out! With this sophisticated musical start, will he have any patience to sing Eensey Weensey Spider with his grandma?

    Comment by Mom — March 7, 2009 @ 5:47 am | Reply

  2. Very pleased to see the Ween on there. Probably best that he doesn’t grasp lyrics at this point.

    Most of the songs Nathan got into were on children’s television. Almost invariably, when Snook would bust into the goodbye song on “It’s A Big Big World,” the kid would stop whatever he was doing and pay attention. Same with the tunes on “Bear in the Big Blue House.” Likes giant creatures singing to him, hardly surprising given his parentage. He seems to share his mother’s fondness for old musical numbers, which I suppose I should accept. Not buying any Lion King-era Elton, though.

    As far as rhythms go, he tends to bop along to old jazz records like Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue.” He seems a bit intrigued by them, I guess since they sound so different from the stuff on kids’ television and the weirdo stuff Daddy listens to. He has figured out that the guitar is the enemy, though, since when I’m playing it, I can’t have a tractor in my hand to load dirt into his truck.

    I think that if he ever does anything with music, it will probably be technical in nature. He’d be one of those guys who takes the mixing board apart and puts it back together piece by piece. Which is good, because I can’t fix my stuff for shit.

    Comment by matthew — March 7, 2009 @ 5:52 am | Reply

    • Well “Mom” if that is indeed your real name, i would point out that this isn’t about what he gets sung, which is anything including fun little baby tunes. However, here in the modern age, we have ipods for when Daddy really doesn’t feel like singing. And as we try different tracks, admittedly ones that Daddy would like to hear also, we have discovered some that capture his attention more than others. Never fear however, he still responds best to live human interaction, in which Eensy Weensy spider works far better than Rhapsody In Blue.

      Comment by bunitingi — March 7, 2009 @ 1:28 pm | Reply

    • As far as the Ween goes, one must be careful to stop the album before it gets to the next track. While the opening lyrics of, and i quote, “get off my ass you wee bitty fuck” doesn’t offend him since he can’t understand them, the loud sailor voice that shouts them rather disturbs him.

      Comment by bunitingi — March 7, 2009 @ 1:32 pm | Reply

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