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March 7, 2009

Hampton, Baby!

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Ah….. yes. The night is here that i’ve been looking forward to for 6 months. I believe i had even posted about it way back in august or september. Phish has just played their first reunion show at Hampton Coliseum last night (the first of 3 nights). And here i sit. I’ve got the whole show from 2 separate sources: the official Phish Live page, where they’re literally GIVING away for FREE the professionally mixed and mastered recoding of last night’s show, AND an audience recording that is careful to not mention any songs.

The audience recording i’ve run blind through some mastering software i work with and know well, so i know i can improve the sound quality without actually hearing it. Because i do not want to know any of the songs played until i hear the show,and i want to hear the unbridled screams that only an audience recording can give. Should mid show i break down and want some real quality to the sound, i have the official mp3. I am in fact, that big of geek about this.

Maja has just gone to bed. Check. Now i’m just waiting on baby to wake and feed, which he’s about due for. Then, i am OUT on the terrace, beer and cigarettes in hand.

I have the crib set up so that i’m literally right on the other side of the window gazing into it. Heaven knows i’ve done this before. Normally i don’t need to position the crib in an extra way, but as the weather is getting warmer the F***** MOSQUITOS ARE BACK!!! So we have a mosquito net  covering the crib. If you saw his poor little face, he is COVERED in giant red mosquito bites, poor little guy.

YAY! Been waiting for this night! YAY!

Maja of course had a long crappy day. 3 Days ago was her mother’s 60 birthday. We had all these plans. HowEVER, HER mother, Maja’s grandmother, died that day at noon. So out went all the birthday plans. I feel terrible for maja’s mom, having your mother die on your 60th birthday, that has got to **** you up.

So today was the funeral, extra relatives are in town, the whole works. I assumed i’d go, but maja begged me to stay home with baby, as she really, REALLY didn’t want the baby at the funeral.  So i spent the whole day with the baby, which was admittedly long, but mostly great fun. I can get him laughing and smiling and delighted for long periods of time these days which i love. A few feedings, a few naps, a few crank spells, such is the life of a little guy.

(paul gets up, leaves for 20 minutes and returns)

And he’s FED! Which means iiiiiiiiiiiiiii’m OUTTA here. See y’all on the other side!

Hampton, baby!


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  1. I HATE MOSQUITOES! Death to the flying blood suckers!!

    Comment by Henry — March 9, 2009 @ 4:02 pm | Reply

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