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March 10, 2009

Random Thoughts

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1. BSG (battlestar galactica) should just hand out razor blades with every epsiode. I mean who DOESN’T want to slit their wrists after watching it? (Although don’t get me wrong, the last season has mostly been pretty awesome)

2. One of the biggest skills a parent of a baby can have, is the ability to put them down in the crib after rocking them to sleep without waking them. Seriously, there are times when it’s a real bitch. It’s all in the forearm slide.

3. Tonight, the 3rd and final night of Phish at hampton. What a series of shows, each getting better and better. I’m pumped for tonight’s last show. None of you care, but that’s okay. I write this in solitude where your lack of enthusiasm is not picked up by even the finest of antennas on my tin foil hat.

4. Facebook. I am an addict. I admit it, i am totally addicted to facebook. It’s one of the reasons the blog went offline for so long. (although there are other reasons. 3 that come to mind are i had a BABY and it’s a bit conSUMING at the beginning, i found i really had nothing else to talk about and was just bantering on adn on about the same old crap, and i decided to give a full on effort to finishing the new project Cthulhu: The Funksical which is so close to being done. Matthew will get it relatively soon s0 he can give me pre-finishing advice. It’s a little… it walks a thin line i think.

5. Anyway, facebook. It is getting to the point where people i sat next to in the subway one day are finding me and asking me to be their friend. Soon every person you’ve ever known will contact you on facebook.

6. But the particularly strange and sometimes annoying requests are from people whose names you remember from high school, but who cannot ever recall either having a conversation with or even what they look like! Don’t get me wrong, i’ve had some very cool surprise folks pop up and some of the left field interactions i never saw coming have been awesome. But i keep getting friend requests from people like, 2 grades above me whose name i VAGUEly recognize, but whom i NEVER EVER knew AT ALL. It’s bizarre.

7. For the dorky and easily amused of you, Why terminators travel through time naked:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

8. Last night at 4 the morning, after the baby pooped (the worst thing he can do at 4am since it WAKES him UP. It means i will not be back asleep for another hour) he began makes vocal vowel sounds i’ve never heard before. He’s still doing it today, so it’s not a fluke. But just like that, in one moment his vocal abilities took a leap forward. It’s pretty cool.

9. I know i bitch a lot, but i really do love having a baby.

10.  That’s it. I got no more. Hampton, baby!



  1. re 3: I care! We should have a listening party.

    Comment by Jaimee — March 10, 2009 @ 2:28 am | Reply

    • Sounds like a good idea. I need to decompress for a bit after the past 3 days though…

      Comment by bunitingi — March 11, 2009 @ 12:08 am | Reply

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