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March 20, 2009


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They put a catheter in his little pee-pee today.

The entire day… he has a urinary tract infection. He’s peed in bags, into cups… we’ve SAT there for an hour holding cups under his little pee-pee waiting for him to pee for 2 days now. They’ve taken blood from his little finger, much more from his little arm, (he was not happy about that), done analysis, they need to check out his kidneys… they’ve told us the bacteria is some super resistant strain. No antibiotic will work except this kind that has a risk for hearing loss…

Through it all i’ve been nonchalant. Maja’s worried and scared like any poor, new momma would be, but i’ve told her not to worry. It’ll be fine. We need to go to some other health clinic, some other hospital for some other thing they’re sending us to now, okay, no problem. Don’t woooorrrry. It will be fine. It’s just a thing. We’ll deal with it and that will be that.

But then they said they had to put a catheter in his pee-pee. (anOTHER urine analysis. This one from the source)

That’s when i lost it.

Catheters. Is there any word that strikes more fear into the heart of a man?

The moment you even beGIN to think of it, you cringe and all but double over. There is nothing more evil of cruel in all the world.

Now it was maja’s turn to tell me not to worry, it’ll be okay, everything will be alright. I told her i can do anything else, but i canNOT be in the room when they do it. (which was fine since they don’t let the parents int the room when they do it anyway.)

A pox on the son of a bitch who first thought of the unholy, blasphemous catheter.

There. I got it out. We shall never speak of this again.



  1. I empathize completely. When Nathan was 1 and they were talking about major surgery for his craniosynostosis, terror had a death grip on my heart. Picturing the kid with a giant bandage over where they cut his little head open and rearranged his skull pieces over his little undeveloped brain was stealing whatever sleep the boy wasn’t plundering. Thankfully it wasn’t necessary, but we could just as easily have had to go through that.

    He’s had many ailments since, including a bout with pneumonia that required an antibiotic IV (an experience I’m not anxious to repeat), but we’ve gotten through each of them alive.

    I’m told that I shouldn’t actually worry until he gets old enough that he can find ways of fatally injuring himself far from my watchful eye. Great.

    Comment by matthew — March 20, 2009 @ 7:15 am | Reply

    • We’ve got the antibiotic IV going now. He’s wearing it and will continue until the treatment is done. We go to the hospital every morning now and they give him his antibiotic shot. AlTHOUGH we won’t actually know for SURE until Sunday whether he REALLY has a UTI or not. Sigh.

      Comment by bunitingi — March 20, 2009 @ 4:08 pm | Reply

  2. Holy shit…i hope this turned out well. The same exact thing happened to me…UTIs, not peeing, catheter, checking the kidneys….only difference I was 6 and the ending wasn’t a happy one, but again it had been going on for years. Whatever the problem is you’re catching it early on, so I’m sure everything will be fine! I totally called this one on facebook didn’t I?

    Comment by lucia — April 2, 2009 @ 3:52 am | Reply

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