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July 1, 2009

A Bunch Of Baby Videos

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For those of you who desire vids of the little guy, here’s a bunch.  You can see him sitting on the floor, sitting in the stroller, sitting next to me… so many fun and exciting options.

We got his last hip checkup the other day. Here in Serbia they have a very high incident of hip displacement among babies and Maja herself had issues when she was a wee bairn. She wasn’t allowed to stand or attempt to stand until 10 months. In order to combat this, they have babies wear extra cloth diaper layers for months and we ourselves kept Adam in these bulky extra layers for a long time. (I never was huge fan and we sort of let it slide a couple weeks ago.)

With the little guy trying to stand it was crucial that we go for the appointment to confirm that his hips were properly developed. It took WEEKS to get an appointment. See, you can’t just call and make an appointment. You have to call the guy who knows the guy, who then has to call you back. (you also need to get the guy who knows the guy a gift). The guy who knows the guy calls you, tells you what the deal is, and bing, you have an appointment.

We showed up, had to wait for awhile, and while waiting, a father and daughter showed up and waltzed right in ahead of us. This i because they had a better connection then we did. Their guy who knows the guy was clearly a more important guy than ours.

This “guy who knows a guy” system has been going on for every step of our pregnancy/baby experience. From maja’s first pregnancy checkups, to her pregnancy doctor, to the little guy’s hip specialist, we have only been able to see anybody because someone knew someone. And while this has all been technically free, or close, the gifts really add up. Bottles of alcohol, gift cards for Sephora, etc.

Ah, socialist health care.

Next on our list of items to scrounge up some cash for, some kind of fence thing. We need to cordon off a chunk of the living room so he can have a good sized play area to move around in. The bed isn’t going to cut it much more (and, in answer to janell’s question, he consistently tries to LUNGE over the side, so you can’t leave him for even a minute) and while we have a play area already set up here in the living room, he is most interested in crawling over to the most dangerous part of the room and trying to execute his most daring gymnastics there.

In fact, he has real psychic powers. I’m convinced. He can sense, with eerie supernatural accuracy, whatever object or area you most don’t want him to play with or play IN, and will ALWAYS want THAT object more than aaaaaaaaany other, or go STRAIGHT to corner of the room that’s the most dangerous. And the dangerous corner of the room even CHANGES. When we had the FAN around, he wanted to go THERE. Take away the fan, BING he wants to go to the corner with the sharp metal corner of the tv stand he can bang his little, tiny head  upon thereby utterly devastating his poor, fragile mother, who can herself see death and disfigurement lurking in any otherwise benign household object.

Right then. Without further ado, i give you a bunch of little Adam videos to sigh and coo over if sighing and cooing over babies is your thing. (otherwise what kind of heartless bastard ARE you?)


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