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October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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I’m overjoyed to be going to a halloween costume party! I

I’ll be getting ready in about a half hour here, and going as, obviously enough, a pregnant woman. And tonight, for one night only, the drunken sloth restriction is lifted! (although i’ll still only be sticking to beer. i’m just not a fan of hard alcohol these days, and Rakia here is honestly undrinkable. Maja’s doctor on monday said the baby will definitely not be born this week. Maja predicted going into labor the 11th, and she’s been right 2 out of 3 times. An old man at the market stopped her and told her the baby will be born on the 12th (they do stuff like that here) so we’ll see. Anyway, off to frolic!

I leave you with this. Halloween has become so commercialized, kids today have forgotten the true meaning of Halloween.

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October 30, 2008

A Pro John McCain Video

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In the interests of fairness, i feel i should post a nice, pro mccain video. Just to be a nice guy. It’s a beautiful, inspiring music vid to a song we all know and love, and i’m sure it will get your toe tapping. Plus, the harmony work by the singers is truly inspiring!

October 29, 2008

Mac vs. PC, an extremely violent west side story

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Good God…

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I don;t really watch mtv so i never see music videos unless i run across them online. And this one i did.


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French Community College Students + Thriller + Lip Synch = Biggest Smile You’ll Have All Week

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Uh, i think the post name says it all. Don’t get uptight about how few actually know or can lip synch the words well, this is the most 3 minutes of online fun since Where In The World Is Matt.  Seriously, this is absolutely, adorably fabulous.

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October 28, 2008

Aparment Pics. Just Because.

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Dear Paul,

We, your loyal readership, who you know is out there because you see the blog stats, but who you have absolutely no idea is actually compromised of, challenge you come up with a truly boring blog idea. just because.


The Fans.

Dear Fans,

I accept this challenge. It’s tough, but i fell up to it. Wow, how to top that one post where i described how to have a morning cup of coffee with a broken foot? But wait! An inspiration hits me! Why don’t i post photos of my apt here in belgrade with the new painted walls? Plus, i believe someone did actually ask to see these.



Dear Paul,

We are once again amazed by your incompreshensible abilities. Yes! Pics of your apt are truly, truly, a revolting boring idea. Thank you, Paul. You are our hero of the blogosphere.


The Insomniac Fans Desperately Looking For A Way To Get To Sleep.

Da Living Room

Da Living Room

And just because it is still my favorite thing in the world, my terrace:

Bartokular: The New Girl

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I don’t even know what to tell you about this. Who? Why? Heaven knows.

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October 27, 2008

Nailin’ Palin, A Scene Read-Through

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I can only imagine that in the States y’all must ready to shoot yourselves in the head if you have to bare any more Palin oriented discussion or humor. However, here in Europe, it’s still funny.

That girl you hooked up with last week….

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Hey Jose, or was it Kevin, i can’t remember, look, i found a video by your ex-girlfriend!

(uh, audio-wise, NSFW)

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October 26, 2008

Future Father: Last Days Alone

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Our apartment is painted. The bedroom is green and the living room light coffee with one wall dark chocolate. Looks great, although the dark wall needs one more coat.

Maja obviously cannot sleep here for a few days, so she is at her mom’s, which gives me a day or 2 alone here in the apartment. These alone days are heavenly, and the last i shall see for a long time.

I got to sit out on my terrace for hours a habit i’ve been slowly breaking. I spend most of the time now thinking about Maja and my baby who will be coming just around the corner. 2 months ago i’d be wearing headphones, listening to some jams, bopping from side to side. Now i wear headphones, listen to jams, and cradle an invisible baby delicately in rhythm to the funky beats.

I am ready for my little baby boy to come.

I miss Maja and the in-the-tummy-baby obviously, but i also really value my alone time. I get to wake up in silence, work on music all day with no distractions. Put some of the furniture back, work on more music (‘Cthullu:The Funksical’. And it’s going AWEsome), do this until i drop. Ah, the bachelor’s life.

Of course, the irony is when my day is done and i sit out on the terrace i just think about my wife and baby in between losing myself to the music. Which is why having a few days is a blessing, but after this i’m ready for this next bit, the whole birth thing.

It is strangely unsettling to be literally on the cusp of labor. This is the last 2 weeks, and it could truly happen at any moment. It’s like there’s a low hum always on in your emotional background. Nothing too unsettling, but as of about a week and a half ago, there starting being this part of me always ready for the moment. Even at 4 in the moring when i get up to go to the bathroom, i think, “okay, if it happens right now i could do it. I can wake up and deal.”

Then of course i go back to bed and remind myself to thank my son one day. If he can NOT decide to come out between the hours of 2 and 8, i would REALLY be grateful. One day i’ll get him something special in return. “Thanks dad!” “No problem son, this is for not going into labor at 4 in the morning.”

(the baby actually decides it, by the way. The mama goes into labor based on chemicals the baby sends her when it for whatever reason decides it’s time.)

“But dad, why can’t i have the toy?” “Because you had to put your mama into labor at 5 in the morning, son. Daddy was not very happy about that.”

It’s like the father’s answer to those mothers who tell their kids “I was in labor for 20 hours with you. Heaven forbid i get a little respect!”

You’ll never get it. They won’t care. I haven’t cared until basically right now, when all of a sudden i start to perceive that this whole parenting thing is radically different then unparenting life and will change you fundamentally, from your soul on up.

But still, these unexpected, surprise few days alone are a Gdsend, really. A chance to catch my breath and get some quiet solitary enjoyment, some true alone time before i have to go back to husband and father, 2 roles i’m grateful for and never realized how happy i’d be because of.

Now if i could just figure out how to feed myself….

October 25, 2008

Pictures Of Our Favorite Serbian Preggle

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This post needs no text. With 2 weeks to go, this is Maja at the tail end of 9 months. Somewhere along the way it changes from being the two of us, with one of us pregnant, to being 3 of us, with one you just can’t see clearly yet.

Wassup 2008

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I quote Janell who sent me this:

“Yeah, it’s the wassup guys. But it’s funny I swear.”

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